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Residential remodeling

Washington Plumbing and Heating have over years experience in Evaporative and Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning. We proudly design and manufacture right here in US a wide range of evaporative air conditioners, to cool both domestic homes and commercial applications. Our latest release is the unit. It’s the perfect mobile cooler for either large Patio’s or Factory workshops! All Washington Plumbing and Heating coolers come in a wide range of colors to suit most color bond and tiled roofs.
After intensive research, Washington Plumbing and Heating has developed a range of unique designs to suit the west's harsh conditions, from slow combustion and Evaporative Air Conditioners. One such design is the innovative 2-Door 2-Way heater, designed to heat two adjoining rooms with a view of the fire from both rooms.
We offer a range of reverse cycle, and ducted evaporative units including portable, replacement, domestic options. Washington Plumbing and Heating offers both single and multi-room wall splits and cassettes.